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McFarland Performance
Our rods are designed for true on the water performance with no short-cuts to save on production costs. Rather than design rods for the mainstream market, our rods are unique and custom tailored for each application. From our 9'3" Vintage to our parabolic glass rods, we offer unique rods of superior performance that are unlike anything else available.

McFarland Reel Seats
No run of the mill hardware here. Only the finest nickel silver polished to perfection and finely engraved with our oak leaf logo.

McFarland Woods
Beautiful, highly figured woods have become a trademark of McFarland rods. We offer you a choice of a variety of wonderful woods all hand turned and finished here in our shop. Just one more thing not available from our competition.

McFarland Stripping Guides
Hand-made real agate stripping guides are hand selected and add character and a touch of class to our rods.

McFarland Details
We believe that small details, like hand signing our rods and serial numbering on each section, add up to big differences.

McFarland Finish
Our special epoxy finish is hand applied for a smooth as glass finish and wraps that are fully sealed and protected. Compare them to mass produced rods with uneven edges and exposed threads.