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The next step in the evolution of the fast action rod.
At McFarland Rod Company we recognized the need for a fast action rod that was better than those currently available. The design of the Evolution was meant to solve all of the problems normally associated with fast action rods (no line feel, harsh casting, clubby, lifeless, no tippet protection, etc.). We wanted a rod with lots of power for situations like nymph fishing with big flies and lead shot. A rod that could make long, accurate casts to a big trout holding tight on the far bank. It is easy to design a rod that will cast well at long distances. The trouble is we don't always fish at longer distances, so we wanted a rod that would also load quickly on short casts. While literally every manufacturer claims to have accomplished this, one cast with an Evolution and you will realize that we actually have.

Not being satisfied with the feel of any other fast action rod available, we started from scratch with the taper design of the Evolution. This unique taper design, combined with a high modulus graphite and state-of-the-art carbon scrim, has resulted in an extraordinary rod that casts well at ANY distance and has more line feel and sensitivity than any other fast action rod available. While these rods are easily capable of launching 100' plus casts, the true beauty of the Evolution is how effortlessly it will throw 60' to 70' casts. These rods are light in weight and are a pleasure to cast all day.

Evolution rods are not only a step above any other fast action rod in terms of performance, but also in craftsmanship. They are outfitted with your choice of our Presentation Grade components including engraved reel seats, custom turned wood inserts, and oversized green agate stripping guides. If you are looking for all of the positive aspects of a fast action rod with none of the negative ones, take a look at the Evolution.
Listed below are our most popular models, but we will gladly build your Vintage in any length from 7'9" to 9'3" in 2, 3, 4, or 5 weight.
Length Weight Pieces Price
9' 5 4 $650.00
9' 7 4 $650.00
10'* 3/4 4 $650.00
*(Czech nymphing rod)