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While the major fly rod manufacturers set financial goals and try to find products that will enable them to meet these goals, we do things differently. Our philosophy is simple; build the world's finest fly rods and everything else will fall into place.

We don't have any "bean counters" trying to save a few cents per rod by going to the lowest bidder on key components like guides and cork. We don't compromise the integrity of our company by outsourcing rod production to China. We don't have shareholders or a CEO who has never built a rod making decisions on rod designs.

Anything that is incorporated into a McFarland fly rod is done so for one reason; because it is the best. Want some examples? We don't use preformed grips. Instead we search the world for the finest cork rings, pay top dollar for them, discard many of them, and then sort them, arrange them, glue them up, and hand shape them to perfection. We don't buy a $3.00 reel seat with a plastic or bland, unfigured wood spacer. We use the finest nickel silver stock, buy the finest, most highly figured woods available (many of which cost up to $200 per board foot) and then cut, mill, drill, turn, mortise, sand, polish and finish to perfection. A lot of work, time and expense, but the finished product is a rod of unequaled craftsmanship and performance.