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Mike was born and raised in central PA in the heart of some of the finest trout fishing in the northeast. He started building rods at the age of 18 and attended Penn State University (which is conveniently located 5 minutes from one of the state's best trout streams). During college he started selling a few rods to fund tackle (and beer) purchases and spent more time studying rod tapers than coursework. After college the number of rods he sold gradually increased and he officially started McFarland Rod Company in 1997. Since then he has focused his efforts on rod design, specializing in unique tapers for specialty trout rods. Mike is an excellent caster and has competed in the ESPN Great Outdoor Games, the OLN Fly Fishing Masters, and various casting competitions. His ability to "tune" his casting stroke to virtually any type of rod has been a great help in designing a variety of rods from very soft to extremely fast.

Glenn is the owner of Glenn River Fly Company Ltd. and has been a fundamental part of the McFarland Pro-Staff. Glenn is a small fly fanatic and brings a wealth of knowledge regarding the intricacies of fishing small flies and midges and the specific requirements of tackle to perform in this difficult environment. He has been heavily involved with our Emerger and Vintage rods and has even specifically designed hand-made furled thread leaders for each series. Glenn has spent decades not only fly fishing, but studying insects and trout behavior and has fished throughout the northeast, mid west, Montana, and the fabled trout streams of England. Glenn's vast experience has been a great help in designing rods for real world fishing situations and hard-core trout fisherman.

Wayne is a not only a great fly fisherman, but also an accomplished fly tyer having won two gold medals in the Mustad Scandinavian International Fly Tying Competition. Wayne is a soft rod "junkie" and when he is not fishing bamboo his favorite weapon is our Spruce Creek fiberglass rods. Wayne has an appreciation for classic tackle and fishing methods and can often be found swinging classic soft hackle patterns. Wayne is an excellent caster and well rounded fly fisher and has "torture tested" our glass rods in every imaginable situation (like targeting BIG trout with a tungsten conehead sculpin and 3x tippet on his 3 weight Spruce Creek). Wayne's knowledge and input has helped us make the Spruce Creek a truly world class fly rod.