Spruce Creek Parabolic
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Spruce Creek Series Fiberglass Rods
Presentation Grade ~ Stream Grade ~ Spruce Creek Dry Fly ~ Spruce Creek Parabolic
The Spruce Creek Parabolic rods feature a unique taper with a stiffer tip and mid section and a soft butt section. The powerful tip of these rods forces the rod to flex towards the butt on a full range of casts and utilizes the butt sections inherent power. These rods are smooth and powerful and perform well over a wide range of situations. They will throw short range casts with just the extreme tip and flex into the butt on longer casts, building up line speed and allowing long casts with ease. While these rods are not for everyone, in the hands of a competent caster they are extremely efficient casting tools. Very smooth, pleasant and capable of gently dropping a dry fly or throwing a streamer with authority.

Stream Grade Parabolic 3 piece $445
Presentation Grade Parabolic 3 piece $725