Spruce Creek Dry Fly
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Spruce Creek Series Fiberglass Rods
Presentation Grade ~ Stream Grade ~ Spruce Creek Dry Fly ~ Spruce Creek Parabolic
The Spruce Creek Dry Fly features an aggressive taper design that incorporates a fine tip section and a medium stiff mid section with a very powerful butt. The result is a quick handling, accurate rod that will throw razor-thin loops with ease. These rods are perfect for pocket water situations that require quick, pin-point accurate casts to small targets. They are also great for small streams and shooting tight loops under overhanging limbs. The taper or our Dry Fly rods is reminiscent of the fine cane rods from Dickerson. Unlike tip flex graphite rods that feel stiff and lifeless, these rods retain the sweet smoothness and spring of a fine glass or bamboo rod. Optimum range for the Dry Fly rods is 7' to 8' and in 4 or 5 weight. However, we can possibly build other versions. Please contact us for details.

Stream Grade Dry Fly 3 piece $445
Presentation Grade Dry Fly 3 Piece $725