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Attention soft rod addicts! Don't despair. We have your rod.
The past few years have been troubled times for fans of soft rods. With changes by the big companies, your favorite soft rod has probably been either discontinued, changed to a faster action, or turned into a "cookie cutter" model with no options. Well, don't worry. Relax and take a look at the Vintage. We have taken up where others have left off. Our continued development of the soft rod has led to the Vintage; the lightest, smoothest, most sensitive graphite rod ever made. The Vintage has a beautifully soft, full flexing action and will throw perfectly formed, controlled loops at any fishing distance. The Vintage excels at pin-point accurate casts, delicate presentations, line mending, and tippet protection; all with an unmatched level of sensitivity. Combine these characteristics with the availability of light line weights in lengths up to 9'3" and you have the ultimate spring creek rod. Now add our unmatched presentation grade components, like engraved nickel silver reel seats with hand turned burled wood inserts and real agate stripping guides, and you have a rod that is beyond comparison. The Vintage may not win any distance casting competitions, but it will perform like no other rod in the most technical situations. Try a Vintage, it will put a smile back on your face.
Listed below are our most popular models, but we will gladly build your Vintage in any length from 7'9" to 9'3" in 2, 3, 4, or 5 weight and in 2,3, or 4 pieces.
Length Weight Pieces Price
9' 2 3 $650.00
9'3" 3 3 $650.00
9'3" 4 3 $650.00
9'3" 5 3 $650.00