Custom Shop

As a small manufacturer I can offer a truly unique custom rod building experience. When ordering a “custom” fly rod today, most flyfishers are limited to two options. if you are able to find a major rod manufacturer that offers any options at all, you are typically limited to basic changes such as the color of thread wraps and maybe a different shape of pre-formed grip. The other option is to contract one of the many custom rod makers working today, a lot of whom produce nicely finished rods. The trouble with the smaller custom builders is that they are generally limited to readily available blanks from the big manufacturers.

If you order a custom McFarland rod, you have unlimited possibilities. Not only can you choose your thread wraps, grip shape, reel seat style, and custom inscription, all at no extra charge, but you also have the option to custom design the taper of the rod blank. Want a 5 wt Spruce Creek, but in 5 piece rather than 3? Not a problem. Want a graphite rod that’s similar to the Emerger, but just a touch stiffer in the butt section? Not a problem. Have an idea for something completely off the wall that nobody has ever made before? Not a problem. I love design challenges and I am happy to build anything you can dream up. We will work together to design the rod of your dreams.

Request for a Custom Order

Costs for custom work varies, but here are some things that are free of charge:

Custom thread wraps

I will send you pictures of numerous threads to pick from.

Custom grip shape

All my grips are turned on the rod from individual rings, so a custom shape and size is no extra charge.

Special Inscription

I personally hand sign and serial number every rod. In addition to my signature and general rod info you can add your name or any personalized inscription. This is great for special presentations such as retirements, graduations, or anniversaries.

Reel Seat Style

I have my own design of reel seats available in slide band, uplocking screw lock, down locking screw lock, and in bright nickel finish or dark nickel finish.

Wood Insert

I have been collecting unique woods for years and have a wide selection you can choose for your reel seat. I can send pictures for you to choose from or I can even turn your own wood for your seat.

Options that require an extra charge:

Agate Stripping guides ($30 extra)

Trim wraps at each guide ($50 extra)

Custom designed blank

Price varies on complexity of design.
Changing the taper of an existing rod is generally $100.
A completely new design would be a min of $100 plus extra charge for prototypes.