Glass Rods

For over a decade McFarland glass rods have been considered by many to be the finest glass rods ever produced. Since I built my first glass rods over 15 years ago I have been constantly experimenting with tapers and different glass materials to push the envelope of what is possible in a fiberglass rod. I have also drawn on my collection of some of the best classic glass rods from the masters such as Russ Peak and Ferdinand Claudio. To be able to continue and further refine the work that they started 50 plus years ago is a great privilege and honor.

  • Glass Perpetual 886 (2)

    Perpetual Glass

  • Glass Spruce Creek 794 (6)

    Spruce Creek

  • Glass Spruce Creek 794 (1)

    Spruce Creek Parabolic

  • Glass Spruce Creek 794 (4)

    Small Stream Spruce Creek

  • Glass Perpetual Heavyweights 8810 (2)

    Perpetual Heavyweights

  • Glass Switch 1078 (7)

    Glass Spey/Switch