Graphite Rods

While I’m better known for fiberglass rods, I also really enjoy designing, building, and fishing great graphite rods as well. Like any other material used to make a fly rod, graphite has both positive and negative attributes. The key to optimum performance is taking full advantage of graphite’s positive qualities of lightness and stiffness and keeping the negatives ones, brittleness and at times excessive stiffness in check. This is done by precisely balancing diameter and wall thickness and utilizing the ideal set of mandrels from the thousands that I have available. There have also been recent advancements in both resins and fibers that further enhance durability and performance. I’ve been able to work with these advanced materials and have spent an entire year developing and testing countless prototypes for both performance and durability.

As of 2017, every rod in the McFarland line up has been redesigned either through taper and/or the use of enhanced resin and fibers. The result is a collection of what I feel are the finest graphite rods available. My methods of material use and layup, pattern design, and structural reinforcement are much different from traditional production methods. More time, more labor, and more expense, but the result is superior performance and durability and fine rods that are drastically different from those available from other companies.

  • Graphite Tailwind 907 (4)


  • Graphite Emerger 884 (3)


  • Graphite Tailwind 904 (1)


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