Spruce Creek Parabolic


More powerful tip and mid combined with a softer butt section. Agate strip guide $30.

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Unique feel and a true parabolic action.

There’s a lot of confusion associated with parabolic rods. This is probably because there’s no “real” definition of the term as it relates to fly rods. The name goes back to the 1930s with rods originally designed by Jim Payne and John Alden Knight and later with Charles Ritz. In the most basic terms you can think of a parabolic rod as having a more powerful tip and mid combined with a softer butt section. This powerful upper section taps into the rod’s butt section more quickly allowing the caster to utilize the butt section through a wider range of casting distances. This generates a lot of power and line speed in the hands of a competent caster.

My parabolic glass rods have a less drastic parabolic taper than many of the early cane rods and are more similar to some of the great rods made by Paul Young. The Spruce Creek Parabolic rods offer a unique feel and a true parabolic action, but with a refined taper that enhances line feel and produces a much easier casting rod. These are smooth casting, deep loading, deceivingly powerful rods that will make long casts with very little caster input.