Long rods for more than just nymph fishing.

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Long rods for more than just nymph fishing.

Nymph fishing is popular for good reason. Day in and day out it is probably the most productive way to fish. While there are a lot of specialty nymphing rods available, none are as versatile as the Evolution. The Evolution is amazingly light in the hand and extremely sensitive allowing you to detect takes better than ever before. While its great for Czech nymphing, the taper design of the Evolution allows for unmatched leader turnover making it also perfect for Spanish nymphing techniques where mono leaders of 24 feet or longer are common.

Unlike other nymphing rods, the Evolution features a highly evolved taper that results in a rod so light and smooth casting that it is also an ideal dry fly rod. In fact, the 2 and 3wt rods are perfect spring creek dry fly rods allowing for precise presentations with small flies and long leaders while keeping your back casts high above streamside vegetation.