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The Difference

Today’s flyfishers have more choices in rods than ever before and it can be difficult to sift through all the marketing hype and make a informed decision… [more]

The Performance

Performance is the single most important characteristic of our rods. Everything else comes second. I design every rod using three critical… [more]

The Process

To design good rods you have to be a good caster. Good rods aren’t designed with a computer. They are designed by good casters and serious anglers who… [more]

Custom Shop – Unlimited possibilities.

Need a 5 wt Spruce Creek, but in 5 piece rather than 3 ? A graphite rod that’s similar to the Emerger, but just a touch stiffer in the butt section ? Have an idea for something completely off the wall that nobody has ever made before? NOT A PROBLEM! I love design challenges and I am happy to build anything you can dream up.

Let’s Customize

20 years of handcrafted perfection

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Best Sellers

  • Graphite Tailwind 907 (4)


  • Glass Perpetual 886 (2)

    Perpetual Glass

  • Glass Spruce Creek 794 (6)

    Spruce Creek

  • Glass Spruce Creek 794 (1)

    Spruce Creek Parabolic